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The best camera is the one that you have with you. Also, it's the one that performs when you need it to. That's where compact cameras like the Contax TVS comes in. A compact camera can always be stashed in your bag or even in your pocket to have you covered whenever that urge to shoot comes in.

Contax TVS © EastWind41 via Wikimedia Commons, Image used under Creative Commons license

The Contax TVS may not be as popular as the revered Contax T2 or T3 but it has its own thing going on when it comes to features. The TVS is small in size, making it an ideal grab-and-go camera for impromptu and casual shooting. Its compact titanium body is durable and light -- a trait that is very much welcome when it comes to snapshot or street photography. It features a Vario Sonnar lens that provides fairly sharp images, good color rendition, low distortion and minimal vignetting.

When it comes to aesthetics, the TVS is straight up a simple point-and-shoot camera. Styling is minimal and the design elements found in its body can be attributed more to function than form. It has small but clear LCD screens, easy-to-read dials, and light indicators to give the user all the information he or she needs when shooting. The viewfinder is also small but efficient -- providing a clear view of the subject and also with indicators for subject focusing. Easy handling is also ensured thanks to the curved plastic thumb and finger grips on the body.

One caveat of the Contax TVS is its high price. It fetches quite a hefty price tag even in today's market but if you get past that, you get a camera with good features, minimalist styling, and high build quality. Those are probably some things that you can expect from a brand as known as Contax.

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Credits: czmzc, andhal, tobychingyee, cotonohacafe, miya0120, michaelwlivingston & jaydai

Technical Specifications

Lens: Vario Sonnar 30-60 mm 6 elements in 5 groups lens
Focusing System: Auto and manual depending on the setting
Closest Focus Distance: 1.6ft
Filter Mount: 30 mm
ISO: 50-5000
Aperture: f/3.5 to f/16
Flash Sync: Auto with red-eye reduction
Film Type: 35 mm
Winding Mechanism: electronic advance
Dimensions: 1.6 × 2.6 × 4.8 inches (depth × height × width)
Weight: 2 lbs
Body construction: titanium

All information used in this article was sourced from 35mmc, Film Based Traveler, and Joseph Saunders blog.

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