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 (α)124 It was cold when I went to shoot the winter in my neighborhood.

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 (α)123 Eat durians at Gunung Lang Park in Ipoh, Malaysia.
 マレーシア ・イポーにあるグヌン・ラン公園でドリアンを食す。

 (α)122 I went to Gunung Lang Recreation Park Ipoh, Malaysia

 (α)121 I tried printing 35mm film on 8 x 10 color🌈 photographic paper
 35ミリフィルムを六切りカラー🌈 印画紙に焼いてみた

 (α)120 4 x 5 Inch Reversal Film Shot On Wista 45
 シノゴ・ポジフィルム 撮影・自家現像リベンジ編

 (α)119 I stopped by Seven-Eleven in Malaysia

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