Self-portrait, circa 1991

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There are a few digital photos on these pages. They fall into three categories:
- Photos documenting the use of cameras, the cameras themselves, or film development
- Photos of photos (Polaroid, Instax, etc.) or prints that I have made
- Infrared / Full Spectrum experimental photography using digital cameras I have converted to IR/FS myself

To the extent possible, I will always annotate the film stock, camera, and chemistry used. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Negatives are scanned with a EPSON Perfection V600 Photo flatbed scanner for anything posted after 5/2023. Furthermore, anything posted after 8/30/2023 was masked using a Lomography DigitaLIZA, if scanning 135 or 120 negatives. Prior to that I was using a Wolverine FD2 P.O.S. scanner.

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