Hello Film, I've missed you! Give me a camera, some film and I'll find something worth filming! Check out my movie:

In the analog 70s, at the U of FL, I studied photography under Jerry Uelsmann and Evon Streetman. Armed with my manual zone tested Minolta I shot and developed my way through an expensive eye opening hobby. As the digital world formed, at the beginning of the 90s, I was robbed and all my precious equipment was stolen. For over 20 years I didn't own a camera and never took a picture. While perusing photography blogs I happened upon an article about The Diana. Was this perfection? A manual shooting camera with emotion evoking light leaks backed by a community that loves all things analog has to be at least great. So now armed with my Diana+, my La Sardina and LomoKino, I'm back where I started. Having long ago forgotten all I was taught, I'm re-learning the world through the eyes of my little plastic friends. Maybe I didn't forget everything. Stay tuned . .

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