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Shew! The kids are now all nestled in their beds and it's only 11 pm! Good Job! Don't sit down now…you have to stuff the stockings. What? Did you forget the stocking stuffers? Are you kidding? Well, jump in the car, stop by the ATM, and run to the all night convenience store and get some candy and little prizes. You have to have all the stocking stuffed! That's what Christmas is all about you know.

Now, aren't you glad that's done! That was a close one and its only 2 am! All Done! You had best go to bed and get some rest. You have to get up at 5 am because you know little Maddy won't sleep past 5 am on Christmas morning and anyway, you have to get up and cook breakfast and re-clean the house after the presents are opened. You can't have the house looking a mess with all those people coming.

It's 5 am! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Let's all run open presents! Paper is flying and just look at the excitement in the children's eyes. After shopping for 30 days, night and day, the moment has finally arrived! Wow…that was fast! It only took 10 minutes to open all those presents and look at the children. Uh-oh was that excitement in little Maddy's eyes or did you note a hint of disappointment? And what was that tone in your son's voice when he asked if that was all there was…and who did all those other presents belong to and were there anymore for them? Well, you can't worry about that now; there's too much to do. But still, it's hard not to feel a little hurt that they don't seem happier after all the work you put into it. Don't worry now, let's get the house cleaned up and start getting dinner ready. It's time to peel, mash, stir, mix, pour, grease, pork, stew, and chop some more. It sure does take a lot of work to feed 40 people.

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