Sawasdee Krub :)
Hello Lomo friends, I'm from BKK, Bangkok, in Thailand. I've been shooting film since the '90s but slightly quit after the coming of the digital camera. After a while, I miss the way of shooting film, the charm of a beautiful vintage mechanic camera, the fascination of waiting to see what I've shot. So now here I am :) I love to shoot a compact camera as much as an SLR. It's a fun low profile and easy to carry and I love to switch them from time to time. I love to try a film that I never use before too if I have got a chance. Though my favorite color negative film right now is Lomo400 / Lomo800 / Kodak portra160 / and Kodak Portra400

Here is my baby : Pentax Espio 738s / Olympus mju i / Olympus mju iii / Olympus XA / Nikon 35ti / Fuji GS645S / Rolleiflex 2.8F / Nikon F2 / Leica CL / Leica R4 / Leica M3 / Minolta AF-C

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