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beach franesca lomokino marco sea winter

19 commentaires

  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    lovely :)

  2. mf_said_yes_to_toycamera
    mf_said_yes_to_toycamera ·

    thanks!! ;)

  3. garbandaras
    garbandaras ·

    like so much...really nice..

  4. zark
    zark ·

    That´s the first lomokino I really liked!

  5. thebrokendoll
    thebrokendoll ·

    Wow, I adore this film. I don't have a lomokino yet but when I get one, I hope I can produce something even half as lovely.

  6. mf_said_yes_to_toycamera
    mf_said_yes_to_toycamera ·

    @thebrokendoll oh gosh, thank you! I have to tell you a secret, it was our first roll with lomokino, it is itself to make the difference. Marco

  7. thebrokendoll
    thebrokendoll ·

    Marco, wow your first roll? That's even more impressive! Can not wait to see more from you both.

  8. paulaah
    paulaah ·

    i really like it! which film have u used?? i have Lomokino and i haven't used it yet!

  9. mf_said_yes_to_toycamera
    mf_said_yes_to_toycamera ·

    @paulaah it was a Lomography color negative 400 35mm, we have just one advice (or 10):
    #5 is fundamental

  10. mf_said_yes_to_toycamera
    mf_said_yes_to_toycamera ·

    yeah, sure..

  11. procyon
    procyon ·


  12. amydhartog
    amydhartog ·

    love it!

  13. villlma
    villlma ·

    You chose just the perfect music for the films atmosphere. Love it!

  14. bernica
    bernica ·

    I see there is a tiny spam issue here! Very cool movie, awesome music.
    Il nickname che dice no al digitale è geniale!! :P

  15. shafiqroslan
    shafiqroslan ·

    effin awesome!

  16. tfrontfront
    tfrontfront ·

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  17. gatokinetik-o
    gatokinetik-o ·


  18. ewaldron
    ewaldron ·

    very nice

  19. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    Great ! I was not into Lomokino... this makes me change my mind.