L'éternité (Eternity)

Healing breaks and changes are the subject in Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) autobiographical nature poem, which is confronted with equally disturbing images.

# A short silent film by Patrick Müller after the poem by Arthur Rimbaud's (1854–1891). France, 2013, 35mm, 5 min. English and German subtitles.
Shot on a Lomokino camera on 35mm film stock and scanned frame by frame with a Nikon Coolscan scanner. Edited with Final Cut Pro X.

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    Great news: My Lomokino film ETERNITY will be presented at Signes de Nuit International Film Festival in Berlin/Paris! www.signesdenuit.com/Berlin/2014/D_F_DE.htm

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    @stouf Thank you!