It only happens in your dream

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35mm abandoned building canon double eos epic galaxy lomo playground ruptured singapore sky surreal trees war
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Canon EOS Series
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Fuji Provia 100F
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Its only a dream

7 commentaires

  1. arurin
    arurin ·

    stoner album ;D

  2. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    @arurin hell yeaaaaaaahh!!
    trippy isn't it!!
    Oh yeah! Would love to tell you that all your vibrants photos in your lomohome really inspired me!
    I like vibrant colours photos!! Really wish we could do doubles together!! Just hit me, I always have time to shoot for you!!!

  3. tagliatele_la_testa
    tagliatele_la_testa ·

    great work, amazing and stunning, congrats!!!!!

  4. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    @tagliatele_la_testa Thank You! Thank You! ;)

  5. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    Great album! I Like! :)

  6. grazie
    grazie ·

    great album!!!

  7. gengorou
    gengorou ·

    great album!!

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