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  1. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Dear laphotoargentique.
    I decided to support you with my compliment. In your albums, in your photographs, I noticed a very serious emphasis that you put on the hands of your heroes. Today this is very rare. Nowadays, in photographs of men and especially women, it is customary to place accents in a completely different way. I am not criticizing this situation. But I decided to support you by telling you that your unique photos impressed me for at long time. But today, when I saw them again, I got confidence more in this and already had enough energy to write you these lines. Hands are a magical part of the body that carries and transmits information and energy of a person. I noticed long ago that they can be photographed in such a way that one could feel it even in photographs. You are good at it. And a close-up and further... Like it me very much your nice photos. I think that understand very much your unique photos your idea. I really share your point of view on еmotional portret of man in these your unique photos.

  2. laphotoargentique
    laphotoargentique ·

    @awa-awa Thank you so much for your kind words ! And I agree 200% how hands are major in the relationship between two humans, feelings, warmth, energy...

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