The story is this: last year Vasvas and me went to Bruxelles in our eastern holidays. My idea, about which she didn't know anything, was to ask her for marrying me using my diana to have the souvenirs of the moment. It took me hours to make the decision. We went to Brugges for a day. It was rainy, cold and windy that day but the walk was fabulous. I took several pictures of her walking in Brugges and Bruxelles trying to decide "the moment" but it was quite difficult with the rain pouring down.

On the way back to Bruxelles Vasvas fell asleep on the train and after that watched the landscape outside. I was staring at her. Took some pictures. Her eyes in those pictures seem to say me yes before I knew the answer. Looking like something important was going to happen. But I could say a word then. It was not the place, I suppose.

Then we came back to Bruxelles and went to a concert of Drew Andrews and Matt Resovich, two american musicians making beautiful music as soundtracks of a film never done. That was the moment. When the concert finished. I went to their little shop and asked them for a favour. As I love music and I'm a music collector, I told them to sign a CD with a special message. Instead of doing it myself I asked them to write: "Could you please marry Diego and make him the happiest man on Earth?" It was funny how their faces turn into something different, unbelievable. They said: Of course, we'll do while smiling. As I waited for the Cd to be signed, they where telling everybody about this strange project they were in. And people saying Congratulations and shaking me hand. It was some kind of embassment but nevermind. It was they they when my life should change forever. Meanwhile, Vasvas was seated waiting for me and wondering what was happening with all those guys laughing and talking to me. I finally got my CD signed and we went out of the place. Vasvas didn't ask me about the Cd but she wanted to know what had happened there. My idea was to give her the CD in the hotel but we were hungry and a Kebab shop was the only place opened. When we were eating the kebab she ask me for the CD as it was going to be a gift for her. I finally decided to give it to her then. She read the words and... the sauce fell down from everywhere. I was scared of her answer, but she smiled and told me “yes”. That's how we engaged and now we are a happing married couple.

Of course, I don’t have the moment when she said yes. That would be another mini mission for my Diana. I expect this will never happened again in my life. But I got all my process about when to do it. Of course, my diana will company me when our first child is born. That’s for sure.

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