Analog cameras I use/own/have used:
Samsung AF Zoom Slim (don't remember exact model)
Lomo LC-A (original Soviet version)
Canon EOS 1N and many cheaper cameras from same series
Olympus mju II
Kodak Euro-35 Colors (aka S100)
Yashica TL Electro X
Disposable cameras
Lomo Smena Symbol (actually two different bodies, I managed to break first and haven't tried another yet)
Konica C35
Olympus mju II Zoom 80
Olympus XA2
Pentax ME Super
Holga 120 CFN (sadly I cannot scan 120-films or prints myself)
Rand Candid camera NO. 111 (70's Diana)
Lubitel from 50's (?)
Lomography Diana F+
Lomography Diana Mini
Lomography Fisheye One
Pentax PC-555
Zenit E
Polaroid waterproof 35mm camera
Agfa Agfamatic 2008
Halina focus free
Kodak Tele Ektra 1
Panasonic C-335EF
Agfa Silette
Fuji DL-200
Samsung Fino 130XL
Fuji FZ-5
Superheadz Black Slim Devil
Olympus XA
Zeiss Ikon Nettar 517/16
Olympus Trip 35
Rollei 35
Konica Z-up 70
Fuji DL-8
Fujica AX-1
Lomography Sprocket Rocket
Yashica D
Minolta 24 Rapid
Olympus Superzoom 700BF
Olympus mju 1
Charman Big Mini M-101
Canon Top Shot
Konica Pop Super
Canon Prima 105
Kodak KB-10
Canon Ixus Z50
Yashica Samurai X3.0

Update 23th April 2017:
Pentax k1000, seems to work fine :) Unlike my ME Supers...

Update 16th October 2017:
Konica C35EFP
Olympus Pen EE-S!!

I develop black and white films myself and color films in local photo lab. For scanning I use mostly Plustek 8100.

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