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  1. fuckdaniels
  2. neja
  3. neja
  4. neja
  5. neja
    neja · · Reply

    crazy blue and pink x-pro from Venice…

  6. thefuturist
    thefuturist · · Reply


  7. thefuturist
  8. nural
    nural · · Reply

    @montagu wow! thanks a lot! I'll take a look at the wiki page for sure!

  9. argentic-translation
    argentic-translation · · Reply

    4 months exposure with a film can pinhole =)


  10. argentic-translation
    argentic-translation · · Reply

    Beautiful pictures in your album @KATESPETTINGZOO =)

  11. argentic-translation
    argentic-translation · · Reply

    Double exposure on #Washi paper in my #Ondu 6x6

  12. ilcontrariodime
  13. montagu
    montagu · · Reply check 'focal plane shutter at high speed' it will show you exactly what happened and why you only get a streak of flash somewhere on the photo @nural

  14. hervinsyah
  15. hervinsyah
  16. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah · · Reply

    one of the biggest indonesia cigarette product penetrate the campuss and it's ok with the uni student who always said against capitalism 8DDD

  17. neja
    neja · · Reply…
    Venetian boats floating in fluorescent colours

  18. crvelasquez3
  19. katespettingzoo
    katespettingzoo · · Reply

    My new album is out! Yosemite National Park such an awesome place.…

  20. neja
    neja · · Reply
    vivid colours of Burano island in Venice

  21. ilcontrariodime
  22. gazeofslate
    gazeofslate · · Reply

    I think it's an issue with*. Don't know what I wrote in that previous message... Folks, always proof-read

  23. gazeofslate
    gazeofslate · · Reply

    @nural I agree with @montagu , I think it's a think issue with a shutter curtain closing too early.

  24. gazeofslate
    gazeofslate · · Reply

    @nural It would be horizontal if the it was a vertical shutter. With an horizontal shutter, it opens and closes from one side to another. With a vertical shutter, top to bottom.

  25. nural
    nural · · Reply

    @montagu yeah, I think you are right, although I'm confused how the shutter system works, I'll check it out when I get home, as I would expect the blackness to be horizontal, not vertical

  26. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    @nural lower shouldn't be a problem, faster shutter is when it gets tricky. It looks like the second shutter was already closing when your flash hit, thus the straight black edge

  27. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl · · Reply

    Oh oops I jumped the gun with my last post I saw in the magazine section today the results! Nevermind!

  28. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl · · Reply

    After 24 days still waiting to see results from Trial and error competitions among others! I am definitely not going to submit again it is too frustrating

  29. joanamariasousa
    joanamariasousa · · Reply

    Check out my latest experiments:
    Hope you enjoy it!

  30. nural
    nural · · Reply

    @montagu I tried with with 1/50, 1/30 and 1/60 I think, but am not sure... I'll test a roll just using 1/50, thanks for the tip!

  31. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    @nural yeah looks very much like the flash wasn't synced with the shutter... M models only flash sync up to 1/50s, so if your shutter speed was set much faster than that, the shutter will cause this

  32. carsten-schmitt
    carsten-schmitt · · Reply

    Streetart, or, rather sea man's art. ;-)

  33. neja
    neja · · Reply…
    good read about colour

  34. matteovanini
  35. candeeland
    candeeland · · Reply

    hello springtime, hello xpro color slide: <3

  36. schwarzesauge
  37. nural
    nural · · Reply

    They all look like a portion of the film was exposed and the rest wasn't :(

  38. _baunovart_
    _baunovart_ · · Reply

    Heyho! I'm proud to present my first LomoKino Movie
    yet without sound but what do you think about it?

  39. nural
    nural · · Reply

    I have a question to Leica users: all my photos taken with a flash turn our weird, any idea why this might happen?

  40. gazeofslate
  41. gazeofslate
  42. gazeofslate
  43. gazeofslate
    gazeofslate · · Reply

    Here are some pics from a trip to the west coast of Ireland :…

  44. gazeofslate
    gazeofslate · · Reply

    @montagu I've actually never used any 800 speed film, guess I'll give it a shot. Portra 800 is crazy expensive though... Same for cinestill and so on... Might try the lomo 800 and see how I like it.

  45. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    @gazeofslate portra 160 and 400 behave very much different, very fine grain. never shot the lomo 800 either, might give it a try

  46. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    @gazeofslate it's also a bad scan from the local shop. but i usually get grain like this on the 800 portra, mostly in the shadows, highlights are rendered real smooth

  47. gazeofslate
    gazeofslate · · Reply

    @montagu Then again, I haven't heard of a 800 speed film without any noticable grain... Did you ever try Lomo 800 to see how it stacks up against portra ? Never tried either film.

  48. gazeofslate
    gazeofslate · · Reply

    @montagu Pretty grainy indeed. I though portra was supposed to be one of the finest grain film stock available, I'm quite surprised that it doesn't do a better job keeping grain under control.

  49. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    All shot last week on Kodak Portra 800, great film! pretty hardcore grain, let me know what you think (except the b/w one of course, ilford 3200)

  50. montagu
    montagu · · Reply

    I apologize for the bluntness of this postcard picture, but Shanghai is just pretty and I can't resist for some tourist long exposure:)

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