Oh, My dear, Deer ! @ Summer Camp Live

“Everything changes when you grow old” is the first thing I read on the Summer Camp website and Saturday night was all about youthful liveliness… peaceful farm life surrounded by deer, daisy’s, big tree, squirrel, round the moon, live illustrations, story-telling of life in the wild ( or so in the setting we call “ summer Camp “ ). And of course a lot of love and ultra catchy singalong . . . the pop tunes that stay with me in the way that classic songs do.
Oh, My Dear, Deer ! ; ) I’ll never be blue . . . As long as I’m floating with you, my partner in crime ; ) with Aern @ Summer Camp Live in BKK . . . Thanks for such great photos that you’ve taken btw,

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  1. yameanoda
    yameanoda ·

    cute shot!

  2. hanat9651
    hanat9651 ·

    Great shot !!!I like shooting Converse too !!

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  4. zekalinova
    zekalinova ·

    awww awesome

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