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December 1994. A trip to Paris follow my friends band Maria e la Missione in theyr short tour in the French capital. Two intense days spent in exhibitions of modern art at the Pompidou Centre, visiting the new district of Les Halles and a long walk from the Arc de Triomphe and the Great Arch of La Defense and back up to the Pyramid of the Louvre.

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architecture art band capital city friends holiday live trip winter
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Ricoh KR-10M
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agfa xrg 100
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Paris 1994 - episode 2

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    @deepfried_goodness thanx a lot mate!

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    very cool

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    @chourique thank you! :-)

  5. jet
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    Colorful!! Nice One ;)

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    I love the colourful lines!

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    superb lines!

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    to infinity...

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    @fragakis_p from here....

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