I'm so angry, my film, that the store developed two weeks ago, seems to be missing !
It took a quarter to prepare the paint on the face of my lovely sis. Fortunately my sister told me to take some digital photes. So the only photo that left over is this digital photo.
I know I'm disqualified, but this is the only way to spread the word in my point of view.
Analoque, the picture would certainly be better.
LO ..... MO on her eyes, fisheye effect, and another picture through the photo with WWW on my forehead and .com on my chin.

Maybe one day my film will return ...

7 commentaires

  1. gui_cecilio_
    gui_cecilio_ ·

    That your photo is very creative. I liked! =)

  2. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    yeah so creative! great!

  3. makny
    makny ·


  4. atreyuthechild
    atreyuthechild ·

    sad that it's digital... but it looks great. Digital sometimes has to be done - at least you got the shot!

  5. marinabenito
    marinabenito ·

    nice shot :) really love it

  6. ganeshnamozhno
    ganeshnamozhno ·


  7. akula
    akula ·

    All the pictures wind up being viewed on a computer, all that really matters is the authenticity of the process - nicely done - digital or not

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