got a few rolls of this film and immediately thought it would be a blast to get panoramas out of it. well as there are no filters for infrared i had to do it myself. as we all know filters are pretty expensive. BUT not the ones i used. in a huge warehouse for arts equipment i bought me a filter-test-set (with just foils but about 130 of them) some months ago. a few of these are marked as photo-filters and there are instruction of how many stops the light is reduced. so i first tried a dark red one which is the one i used for the first sets. later i switched to darker ones. unfortunately i got some leaks on it but i really don´t know why there is this stripe. it can be improved with not fixing it in front but on the filter which comes with the cam. btw: the filter set costs about 3,50€.

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  1. melissonline
    melissonline ·

    I love the composition in this picture, great work! :)

  2. buckshot
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