Awesomeness That Ensues with the Marriage of The Lubitel and Provia film

I LOVE these shots!!! Some are from my workshop with Steven at Lomography Chicago (who is a wonderful model and teacher) and the other shots are from the Photowalk with A&A Studios,Inc. here in Chicago. Loved every moment of each of these days!

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  1. akula
    akula ·

    Nicely set up.

  2. stevenboo
    stevenboo ·

    Really interesting how this photo came out different from when Rachel and I did it. I think when Rachel and I went out it was a cooler day and not as sunny, but the sky was blue. It looks like it was sunny but cloudy here, and I'm in the shade. Since I'm in the dark everything bled through me, and it rachels I guess the lighting was more even because of how cloudy it was so everything bled through except through my white shirt if that makes sense haha. Basically my white shirt/skin popped in rachels, and since i was dark in this photo everything bled through me

  3. kibs
    kibs ·

    Wow this is sooo good!!!

  4. mizzy
    mizzy ·

    very nice !!!

  5. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    WOW!!! NICE result great album! cheers and thanx also for the recent likes!

  6. waggrad00
  7. lilithmoon
    lilithmoon ·

    wow! awesome double!

  8. markvnathan
    markvnathan ·

    This is amazing!

  9. sadiestoker
    sadiestoker ·

    gorgeous double!

  10. waggrad00
    waggrad00 ·

    @fotohelmut Thank you so much for the likes!!! =-)

  11. waggrad00
    waggrad00 ·

    Thanks so much @remyleblanc for checking out my pics and for the likes!!!

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