Shovelvision (Svabard #26)

I remember vividly how I moved around in the polar night that was in Ny-Ålesund, the polar station at the northern tip of mankind. As I wanted to photograph the northermost post station of the world I had to iluminate the pitch black scene with a headlight and basically blindly guess the exposure time in bulb. Quite the experiment. At least with the shot of the shovel worked out. And as a contrast I still had some shots of Satomi at salvation mountain over...

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35 mm Ny Alesund Ny-Ålesund Xpan Hasselblad eis new ct precisa slide svalbard travel tryptich
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Xpan Hasselblad
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new CT Precisa
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Spitzbergen, Ny-Ålesund
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Shovelvision (Svalbard #26)
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