European Grey

Darkroom printing exercise - namely printing on expired AGFA Multicast "Premium MCP 312 RC" glossy paper.
Several years ago I acquired a small amount of AGFA branded Photographic paper (in various sizes) of which I believe was one of the last batches manufactured prior to company announcing the product would be discontinued.
The paper expired back in 2008 and despite being stored correctly, the paper is showing signs of chemically fogging. The images presented here show a lack of highlights and are overall very flat.
As printing on expired is not my forte, I will be selling the paper on eBay. Interested parties, feel free to send me a message via @eyeseaimages. I have a range of sizes available all sealed ‘new in box’.

2 commentaires

  1. guypinhas
    guypinhas ·

    I actually like the look of this.

  2. eyeseaimages
    eyeseaimages ·

    Thanks for the comment - much appreciated!

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