Not The Kingswood!

Another image with an Australian theme, the quintessential Holden 'Kingswood'! It could be argued in motoring circles that the Kingswood was as Australian as you could get. Right up there with Aussie Rules Football, Meat Pies and Kangaroo's. The images presented here are actually a study in line, space, shape and form.

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  1. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert ·

    Is that an HZ Kingswood???

  2. eyeseaimages
    eyeseaimages ·

    A Kiwi with a sharp eye :D It's actually the model before the HX. Good pickup though! To all my international friends, the Holden Kingswood was the definitive motor car of Australia as documented precisely in this TV advertisement uploaded to YouTube.

  3. reefer
    reefer ·

    I love the wordplay in this car's name ;)

  4. eyeseaimages
    eyeseaimages ·

    The King's wood, would if it could... But I, for one, wouldn't! ;P

  5. armatura
    armatura ·

    amazing pic.. love it

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