Lomokino Project: It was just a dream

This is my very first lomokino project and I am very excited to see my own result.

I was intended to make a longer lomokino for the first project. However, due to the weather condition happened on every single weekends since this roll was recorded, it was all rainy and wet and gloomy.
As time went by, I know I could not wait any longer time for the weather, so I used what I had in the first roll.

Story is short and simple, it was just a dream of a person who was having fun rollerblading and everntually woke up and looked out his window, it was all just a dream.

Hope you guys enjoy this video. :)

Directed by Hooi
Footage by Hooi & Weiwei
Film used: 1-roll 35mm KODAK400
Shot by Lomokino camera
Presented by Lomography

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35mm 400 8fps film hooi kodak lomography lomokino production project super35

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    cool idea! :))

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    terbaik la bro

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    @ripsta, takde la sampai terbaek bro.. but thanks.. :D

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    nice transitions!

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    @disasterarea, Thanks :)