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  1. sondyy
    sondyy ·

    luar biasa bang

  2. specialblewah
    specialblewah ·

    @sondyy: matursuwun nggih

  3. hburgess
    hburgess ·


  4. tetrahexadecabyte
    tetrahexadecabyte ·

    This is a cool design !

  5. welland
    welland ·

    Thats awesome, did you remove the edges of the split then? I don't understand how there are no lines

  6. evil_mastermind
    evil_mastermind ·

    Great pic! Probably removed the dividers between the lenses, yes? Great effect.

  7. arsomilio
    arsomilio ·


  8. lomofrue
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  9. spidey27
    spidey27 ·

    asik bgt ini foto.. mantabbb.. oia mw nany itu pembatas stiap kamera dibuang smuany pake ap y?? ngiler ni supsap ny diginiin (hrs coba menghilangkan originalitas) hehe..

Plus de photo par specialblewah