Dodge Tow Truck - Waiting for Work IV

Kodak 400 Max processed in fading C22 process. Random Dodge Truck that worked out well in post. "artist's" self portrait - picture of the artist taking a picture of the artist taking a picture. C22 on C41 film, especially stale C22 is interesting. CD-3 Developer is not as active as CD-4 (C41 developer) and so between the CD-3 and I think the benzyl alcohol, the pictures were underdeveloped (even at 14 minutes). Although I also did develop them at room temp - 21C / 72F. Perhaps a warmer bath would have more fully developed the film. However, I think the colors were very muted for the same reason. There is no real value in processing C41 film in C22. C22, at least the version most will use at home, is pretty close to ECN-2 (minus the benzyl alcohol) so it would probably be more useful to explore the color variations between C41 and ECN-2 - which also uses CD-3 as well as Process E-6. I was a bit disappointed in the truck pics as photos but photoshop helped make some pretty good art of them.

Plus de photo par mike1allison