Plants and trees in some parks

Expired Rollei Infrared 400S (2018) with Hoya IR72 infrared filter and metered @ISO 6

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canon f1 hoya infrared filter rollei infrared
Appareil :
Canon F1
Pellicule :
Rollei Infrared 400 S
Objectif :
Canon FD 24 mm 1:2,8
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6 commentaires

  1. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    Good capture with the IR film.

  2. serolfitnas
    serolfitnas ·

    @neufotomacher Thank you so much!! Even though it was expired film, the results were pretty good.

  3. yamit
    yamit ·

    I've heard the Hoya r72 filter takes about 6 stops of light, so I wanted to know why toy metered at ISO 6? I have one expired roll of infrared film so I want to get it right :)

  4. serolfitnas
    serolfitnas ·

    @yamit Hi! :) That´s right , 6 stops of light are taken by the IR filter, so, in order to get the correct exposure, i reduce the iso value of the selector in my lightmeter, passing from iso 400 to iso 6 (400 ->200->100->50->25->12->6, 6 stops). With iso 6 now in the lightmeter, i start to take the incident light readings in the objects that i want to have the correct exposure. I rated my Rollei Infrared film normally, at ISO 400, even though it was expired (3 years only). If your film is expired, remember to reduce your iso value by 1 stop every 10 years.

  5. yamit
    yamit ·

    Thop @serolfitnas thank you very much! You've been incredibly helpful, I appreciate that. Have a great day.

  6. serolfitnas
    serolfitnas ·

    @yamit You're welcome!! Have a great day too and have fun shooting film <3

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