This is an elk farm near Kostroma. But unlike most of the usual farms this one does not grow and sell animals for meat, this farmers help elks breed, grow, survive harsh winters, accomodate to humans to be relocated to different national parks and nature reserves. And also for milk :) it’s a marvellous story how humans are tricking semi-wild animals to be milked. If you want to know this weird kind of details, let me know — I’ll post it later. The animals are always free to leave the farm, the gates to the forest are always open. The small ones (less then a year old) are left in the forest for the evenings and nights so that they learn to find food and communicate with their wildlife self :) in the morning their nanny call them home to have breakfast (water based oatmeal with salt) and to work on the farm (i.e. be petted by humans). The big ones are eager to communicate in case you have a carrot. Otherwise leave and come back with some carrots.

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ecn2 elk elkfarm elks photojournalism лоси лось репортаж
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Russian Federation
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