Portrait: Persons Known

Self Developed

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  1. zenudebiker
    zenudebiker ·

    Hello Miss !
    What chemical did you use ?
    Did you ever tried caffenol ?

  2. gabyo
    gabyo ·

    @zenudebiker Hi there, hoping you are well. I actually developed these at a darkroom that's in my neighborhood. I don't know the solution used - but when they re-open after the crisis I will be going back and I will ask. Best to you, Gaby

  3. gabyo
    gabyo ·

    @zenudebiker PS. I actually have developed a few rolls there, and they seem to come out with a lovely tone.
    So I will definitely ask

  4. zenudebiker
    zenudebiker ·

    @gabyo Yes they come out with a nice tone and grain ! Congrats ! How is the life in NYC today ? We all are isolated in our homes in France. Tell me about New Yorkers (love that city)... Cheers, Al

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