Agilux Agimatic

35mm, British made, rangefinder camera with 45mm f2.8 and 85mm f5.5 interchangeable, Anastigmat lenses. The rangefinder is non coupled, It also has an unusual, non coupled, extinction, light meter. The meter is somewhat subjective but with practice is accurate enough with todays wide latitude print film.

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Agilux Agimatic
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Canon EOS 1D MkIII
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Digital image
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Canon 50mm 1.4
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Agilux Agimatic

3 commentaires

  1. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    Sweet camera! Never seen one of these. Must be pretty rare.

  2. richardk
    richardk ·

    Ggilux made cameras for the domestic market from about 1947 to 1960, ( dates vary depending where you look ) at there factory in Croydon, England. The parent company was AGI, Aeronautical and General Instruments Co, makers of instruments for the military.
    The Agimatic was made from 1958 and dose seem to be quite rare although at the time of writing there are five on eBay but only one in the UK. The 85mm lens is even rarer.
    AGI still manufacture instruments for the military and civil market from Pool, Dorset.

  3. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    Great info. Thanks, bro!

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