Tay Tsurkava (Тэй Цуркава)

Moscow, Gorky Park
Camera: Zenit-35F (Lens: Minitar-1; ƒ8; Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec.)
Film: Fomapan 100 Classic B&W Negative Film (expired 03/2007)
Photo taken: 11/06/2017
Scanner: Noritsu LS-1100

On the streets of Moscow, Tay Tsurkava came out in the distant 1983, one of the first street artists and musicians, exhibited his works next to the art salons and played music on an acoustic guitar. One of the founders of the movement of free street artists in Moscow. As soon as Arbat was opened as a pedestrian street, in the beginning of 1986, he started playing music on the Arbat with acoustic guitar and mandolin, as well as exhibiting his paintings on the windowsills and the bridge Arbat.
Tay is a man keen on the culture and philosophy of the East and India.
Since 1973, the permanent concert activity In the compositions of different musical collectives. Tay writes author ethno-music in modern processing.
55°43'42" N 37°36'0" E

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Tay Tsurkava Zenit-35F artist blackadwhite d-76 expiredfilm fomapan 100 guitar musician
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Fomapan 100 Classic
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Russian Federation
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Zenit 35F
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