Lomo LCA#fuji superia 200#FerryCorse#été 2017

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  1. torild
    torild ·

    Congratulation; Photo of the Day!

  2. blondin
    blondin ·

    thanks! the magic of the ferry

  3. cmart
    cmart ·

    congrats on photo of the day @blondin

  4. blondin
    blondin ·

    Merci CMART

  5. omarab
    omarab ·


  6. blondin
    blondin ·

    @omarab gracias compadre!

  7. impressionsobscure
    impressionsobscure ·

    Amazing! Your shots evoke emotional memories of 1992 when I was in Europe and visited the beach with, I believe, Keats, heart was apparently. I loved Switzerland. Your shots are all great so I am going to try and only heart the ones I cannot help but comment on so you don’t have to scroll through all of them.

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