Double-Exposure and Silhouettes workshop Amsterdam

In September Putchu and I went on a workshop at the Lomo store in Amsterdam. We had a lot of fun! Here are some of the results of that day.

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  1. putchu
    putchu ·

    Fijn zo'n onderkin...volgende keer ga jij zitten ;-)

  2. bobby_sekeris
    bobby_sekeris ·

    hahaha nou zeg :-) @putchu vind de foto best leuk!

  3. he-mo
    he-mo ·

    nice, hehe

  4. bobby_sekeris
    bobby_sekeris ·

    @he-mo ;-)

  5. merry
    merry ·

    good one

  6. bobby_sekeris
    bobby_sekeris ·

    :-) Thank you @merry

  7. merry
    merry ·

    You're welcome, but i had to come back and comment again i just love this one so much!

  8. bobby_sekeris
    bobby_sekeris ·

    @merry thanks again :) it's a lot of fun to do! want to this again soon but with bigger light!

Plus de photo par bobby_sekeris