Texel expired Solaris style

We went to Texel for a few days last March and I brought my Holga. I loaded it with expired Solaris film. Most of the pictures are to blurred to be able to tell the difference between sky an land but some of them turned out quite nice.

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double-exposure expired island texel
Appareil :
Holga 135 BC (disponible sur notre boutique en ligne)
Pellicule :
Ferrania Solaris 200
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Texel Solaris style

3 commentaires

  1. putchu
    putchu ·

    Je eigen topmodel....

  2. putchu
    putchu ·

    Je eigen topmodel....

  3. bobby_sekeris
    bobby_sekeris ·

    Altijd handig om bij je te hebben ;-)

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