I first developed these in a photo shop, then scanned them with the smartphone scanner. The scanner made the pictures really blue and colourless, even though the original prints had very natural bright colours. I don't mind the tones changing a little, but this was kind of radical to me.

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Nikkormat EN-EL
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Kodak Portra 160 NC
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May 2013

2 commentaires

  1. carolinama
    carolinama ·

    I have a small veho scanner and it does the same to my photos. But this last time i printed my photos, the girl at the shop said she worked them because they were blueish. So now i'm not sure if it's all the scanner, the film or the camera....

  2. iukall
    iukall ·

    @carolinama Thanks for the comment! It did cross my mind whether it actually was the film (or something else) that really did the blue hues. I have to ask my photo developers whether they did a lot of work with my photos. I think the film was expired, so blue tones could be the real deal here.

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