marinated film

after I took a few photos under water I realized that a little sea water had penetrated into the underwater case. anyway after drying the case a little I went on shooting until the counter showed 25 or something. a month later, I took the camera outside again to finish the film. this time, neither the shutter nor the film advance lever seemed to work. while shaking the case to take out the camera (it was kinda sticked as the salty water dried inside.) its rear door opened all of a sudden as its door lock is loose. so I couldn't prevent the light from leaking LOL. after reloading the film there was still some water inside the cam. I couldn't keep myself from thinking what kinda chemical reactions could have taken place after seeing something like sludge which appeared to be left from the film container haha. however all this bad luck turned into something cool I guess. I still don't know how I managed it but I'm pleased with the results! :D

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aqua aqua-pix chemical experimental expired leaks light light-leaks salt sea underwater
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Aqua Pix 35mm Underwater Camera
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Film Express 100
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