At one of the local flower garden shops in Northfield.

This is a beautiful little box camera from the early 1950's: the Ilford Envoy. It has a wonderful Art Deco look to it and that was a period where that look had matured. In my opinion the late 40's to the early 50's saw some of the best looking cameras and other products of the 20th century, such cool lines to everything made in that time. Anyway, my example has a sweet snappy shutter and is obviously built to last. I don't think it has any light leaks...I probably had a fat roll which I then "encouraged" to have a bit more character. ;)

Photographe :
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Appareil :
Iford Envoy 1950's Box Camera
Pellicule :
Kodak E100VS (disponible dans notre boutique en ligne)
Ville :
Northfield, MA
Pays :
United States
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Xpro Garden Center
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