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25 50mm bessa-r efke f/3.5 forest glow industar-50 leica m39 snow sweden uddevalla voigtländer wood woods
Appareil :
Voigtländer Bessa-R
Pellicule :
Efke 25
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Day testing my Industar-50

6 commentaires

  1. zoeastra
    zoeastra ·

    voigtlander cameras are cool
    i just got an old 1954 Vito B from an antiques fair, unfortunately it's broken but i like having it just to look because it's so pretty

  2. bkspicture
    bkspicture ·

    Thay are great, I own a Vito 2 which is really nice.
    Have a post about that on my blog:

    Thanks for the nice comment and have a great day @zoeastra

  3. hafenperle
    hafenperle ·

    wow, those pics are amazing! great job! *.*

  4. jean_louis_pujol
    jean_louis_pujol ·

    That's wonderful. I like the mood and I suppose that efke is part of the result. Isnt' it?

  5. bkspicture
    bkspicture ·

    Nopp I used a standard b&w film, ISO 25 so it's just very low grain.
    But my Industar-50 lens do this fogging etc.

    Thanks for your nice comment, it's much appreciated. @jean_louis_pujol

  6. bkspicture
    bkspicture ·

    Equipment used in this picture:

    Voigtländer Bessa-R
    Industar-50 50mm f/3.5

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