redphots with cn400?!

i was really surprised when i got this from the lab. i haven't bought any redscale films yet but these photos came out mostly all red? some of these pictures i took in the morning...
can someone explain to me what happend?

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osaka red shinkansen view
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Lomo LC-A+ (disponible sur notre boutique en ligne)
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Lomography Color Negative 400 (35mm) (disponible sur notre boutique en ligne)
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2 commentaires

  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Surprised to see that " 交通安全运动", I first thought it was in China....<:)

  2. jenbo
    jenbo ·

    yeah! i think the same when i see a quick glimpse of a picture from china somtimes:)

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