My Gakkenflex renamed as Catcam.

Found that with this camera i can take nice portraits of my cats.
So i decide to assign to her the Catcam nickname :-)
Hey! if usually I was taking pictures of bats, i should rename as Batcam!!
Hehehe ;-)
Sorry i'm the ehm...a joker!

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35mm b&w blackandwhite bw gakkenflex
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Gakkenflex TLR Camera
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Agfa APX 400 35mm
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TLR Black and White et Catcam

2 commentaires

  1. isilu
    isilu ·

    cute <3

  2. arrogantbastage
    arrogantbastage ·

    I'll have to try taking pictures of my cats with the Gakkenflex to see how they turn out. Well, that's if I can get them to keep still.

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