Duality on Film - Photography by Rick Van Kruchten

Double exposures will always have a place in our community. Whether it's on black and white film, color, slide, or redscale, there's just something to doubles that will certainly pull you in.

© Rick Van Kruchten

Take these images taken by Rick Van Kruchten for example. He gladly shares with us the the products of his playful experimentation. You can change the way you see things when everything else seems too ordinary for you. Rick knows this too well and he refreshes his view of things every once in a while. Don't let rules stop you. Challenge your imagination and be unpredictable.

Rick used a technique that we love here in the community, exposing both sides or EBS. There's a little bit of both worlds to this technique — part color, part redscale, and full on amazing. This is exactly what we mean about seeing the world in a new light.

© Rick Van Kruchten

If you're interested in Rick's work, you may visit his Instagram for more.

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