Elegia: Self Portraits and Experiments with the Lomo'Instant Wide (NSFW)


Manchester based Elegia is a self taught photographer who uses analogue processes and mixed media to create tactile and painterly style images. We sent her a Lomo’instant Wide and she created some stunning double exposures and collage experiments.

Photos: Elegia

Tell us more about yourself. I’m Dee (more commonly known under the name ‘elegia’). I’m a self-taught photographer from Scotland, now based in Manchester. I work with various analogue processes and mixed media. I’m always trying to learn new methods and evolve with my work, so I dabble with a bit of everything really.

Photos: Elegia

On shooting with the Lomo’instant Wide: I was very excited about the camera, as I’m not familiar with Instax at all and I really enjoy learning to work with new equipment – it’s possibly my favourite thing about photography. I found that there were lots of immediate positive discoveries when I first shot with it. Not having to worry about the heat or the cold (Polaroid films can be susceptible to either extremes in temperature) and also the various settings I could experiment with manually.

On these shots: I shoot a lot of self-portrait work, so the first few packs of film I used whilst on a trip back home to Scotland. I shot indoors in my hotel room playing around with the multiple exposure capabilities that the camera allows. Much of these resulting images I created collages and some mixed media pieces with. This is something very important to my process as a photographer and why I only use film. When I have a tangible image to work with, it means that I can further work on the image, either cutting it up or painting onto it and so on. The possibilities are endless.I then got to shoot my muse Faye and play around with more multiple exposures. I really like the colour saturation in the images, because colour is definitely my thing. I’m looking forward to venturing out at night to further experiment and hopefully master the film in that setting.

On the future: This year I have a book of my self-portrait work coming out and a couple of other publications. Print work and exhibiting are so important to me because I don’t think your work truly exists unless it’s out there in some sort of physical form for people to experience. I hope to have more opportunities to exhibit my work in the future. I’m also going to be travelling overseas a little, with my cameras of course!

See more of Elegia’s work one her website www.elegia.co.

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