Trending Albums of June 2015


Be a part of your fellow lomographers’ analog adventures by browsing through their albums!

Intimate portraits, intriguing photographs of deserted places, inviting images of lush landscapes. These albums are more than just mere collections. Each serves as a quiet storyteller that offers a glimpse of its photographer’s unique experience.

Spectral Sea Camp by fricicchia

Trip to NYC Part 1 LCA120s 5th Ave, Statue of Liberty University Club by koduckgirl

Canon AE-1 Program by lafilledeer

From analog, with love. by manon-vacher

The Green by suizidekid

Karmøy may 2015 at 400 ISO by sierravictor

canon 1n / purple by emkei

Minolta Dynax 800si with Azopan by aka_papu

Turkey Run December 2014 by waynejordan

#73 - LC-W / Fuji RA - 29-05-15 by needle76

From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to our fellow lomographers for having the trending albums of June 2015!

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4 commentaires

  1. icequeenubia
  2. lafilledeer
    lafilledeer ·

    Thank you !

  3. fricicchia
    fricicchia ·

    Great albums.
    Belli, bravi! :-)

  4. manon-vacher
    manon-vacher ·

    Thank you so much :)!

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