Fujifilm’s FP-100C 4×5 Peel-Apart Film to be Discontinued


More bad news are in store for instant film aficionados, as Fuji is set to discontinue their large format peel apart film, FP-100C 4×5.

If you like shooting large format instant film, better stock up on FP-100C 4×5 as Fuji is discontinuing it, much to our dismay. This is a big blow for instant film lovers, as they just discontinued FP-3000B 3×4 late last year. To defend their decision, they state that:

Fujifilm has continued to corporate efforts so far in order to continue to provide instant peel-apart type of (peeling method) film, but the demand of the film has been declining every year dramatically, and production in the sales volume of current able to continue is becoming difficult. For this reason, we will terminate the sale as follows of necessity.

Let’s hope they don’t discontinue more films in the future!

Information for this article was sourced from The Phoblographer

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3 commentaires

  1. mirako347
    mirako347 ·

    Does this mean that Polaroid (the new one) is going to be the only one with instant film? I guess Z-ink all the way. Time to stack up.

  2. pandabaer
    pandabaer ·

    Just started using this film last weekend -.- and fell in love with it :'(

  3. jvujnovi
    jvujnovi ·

    Actually Fuji continues to make integral instant film & different kinds of instant cameras. This decision seems rather bizarre. It's almost as if they are running two different strategies at the same time. I guess Impossible Project (or another small film producer) is going to have get into the act

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