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Why go mini when you can go wide? With Fuji's easy-to-load cartridge system, get postcard size instant photos using Instax Wide film. It delivers sharp, clear reproduction, vivid color and natural skin tones with bright colors and a glossy finish. Open wide!

Fuji Instax Wide © Lomography

Wide and retro, Fuji Instax Wide is a speedy 800 ISO instant film that produces crystal clear shots, a fantastic glossy finish and a format unlike any other. Compatible with Fuji Instant Cameras, watch it start to develop from the moment the photo is taken, right before your eyes! Perfect for fun night-moves and the slightly vintage, daylight colours make every shot one for the album. If you've always wanted to try Polaroid but want more value for money, then snap up Fuji Instax Wide today!

Photos Taken with the Fuji Instax Wide Film

Credits: lislisdotnet, riotxriot, moucheman, micky_s, thetransportedman, nonspecificscientific, kylethefrench, sierravictor, velocity89, denisesanjose & emperornorton

Technical Specifications

Manufactured by: Fujifilm
Type: Instant film
ISO: 800
Film size: 108 mm × 86 mm (postcard size)
Picture size: 99 mm × 62 mm
Exposures: 10 frames per pack; available in special designs
Developing Time: 3 to 5 minutes
Compatibility: Fuji Instax 210, 200 and 100 cameras only

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