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35mm blackandwhite foggy foma fomapan morning nikon
Appareil :
Nikon EM
Pellicule :
Fomapan 200
Objectif :
Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E
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One Foggy Morning

5 commentaires

  1. ergeo
    ergeo ·

    The Nordic blues. ❤️

  2. nikolaminerva
    nikolaminerva ·

    @ergeo Definitely, the everlasting gray :D

  3. slavo
    slavo ·

    hi, nice picture, film was pushed?

  4. nikolaminerva
    nikolaminerva ·

    @slavo Thank you! No, the film wasn't pushed. I think I shot it aperture wide open with a semi slow shutter speed and then developed with 1h Rodinal stand.

  5. slavo
    slavo ·

    Thanks for reply! I really like the grain and gray tones. I divide all the pictures into two groups. I like it, or I dont like. No matter on camera, film or lenses. This picture is in the first group. Wish you many more pics like that!

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