Expired lady

First time ever that i'm using an expired film roll - this one in particular was expired in 2006 - so i didn't know how the results might be. The Agfa 100 HDC was shot with Sunny 16 rule as a 25 ISO roll.

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agfa expired lady portrait sister vintage woman
Appareil :
Chinon M1
Pellicule :
Agfa HDC 100
Objectif :
Helios 44M-4 2/58
Ville :
Rome (Rm)
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41 commentaires

  1. captainfantastic
    captainfantastic ·

    great !

  2. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @captainfantastic Thank you so much! :)

  3. sinkinanchorssince1984
    sinkinanchorssince1984 ·

    With expired film don't hesitate to push it a stop or two depending on the age. They say a stop per decade. Nice shots!!

  4. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    delicate colour

  5. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @sinkinanchorssince1984 Yes, i was a little afraid about the result but now i'm felling a bit more confident; ready for the next one! Thank you for your support and advices!

  6. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @lomodesbro Thank you! :)

  7. monocular
    monocular ·

    This is such a lovely photo! I know the fear of shooting/ developing expired film, but these came out great!

  8. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @monocular Thank you so much for your kindly words!

  9. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge ·


  10. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @schwarzesauge Thank you! :)

  11. lovehatelove
    lovehatelove ·

    great job

  12. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @lovehatelove Thank you! :)

  13. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    Very Gina Lollobrigida ;-)

  14. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @msiegel My sister will love your comment! She's an actress and Gina is one the most beloved actress by her! Thank you so much!

  15. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    @mirkos91 My best regards, this would also make a great comp card

  16. eloy61
    eloy61 ·

    Me encanta la suavidad de los tonos...!!! Habrá que buscar películas caducadas...:)

  17. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @eloy61 Es una cosa preciosa, te encantarà tomar fotos con pelicula caducadas! Muchas grancias por tus palabras

  18. eloy61
    eloy61 ·

    @mirkos91 Tomo nota..:) Estoy descubriendo cosas muy interesantes por aqui..!!!

  19. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @eloy61 Antes de subscribirse, yo tambien no sabìa nada de las peliculas caducadas, pero mirando a los risultados me intrigò y decidì probarlos. El unico problema es la compra en internet, porque ahora todas las peliculas caducadas costan casi como nuevas

  20. eloy61
    eloy61 ·

    @mirkos91 Gracias por tú aclaración, ya no me daré tanta prisa cuando tenga en casa un carrete a punto de cumplir la fecha...:)

  21. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @eloy61 De nada! :)

  22. klawe
    klawe ·

    Congrats to POTD!

  23. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    Molto Bello !!! Sembra un Dipinto !!!

  24. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @klawe Thank you very much, i didn't even know this photo was choosed as post of the day before your comment! So thank you for having informed me! :)

  25. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @steamtug1959 Grazie mille per le tue parole! Era la prima volta con una pellicola scaduta ed avevo parecchio timore sul risultato, fortunatamente ha rispecchiato l'effetto sperato! :)

  26. crosschannel
    crosschannel ·

    Really good portrait with atmosphere. I am pretty sure that only the film has expired , not the lady as the title suggests :)

  27. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @crosschannel Yes, you're right, she's only 18! Thank you for your kindly words!

  28. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    This shot is great! I love using expired film, you'll never know what you'll get. :)

  29. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @pmonroe Thank you so much for your words! Yes me too, but at that time i was a little afraid about using expired film; now i'm more confident and i want to get much more from this Agfa HDC so i'll continue to experiment!

  30. cleopactress
    cleopactress ·

    So much beauty in a single photograph. Congrats!

  31. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @cleopactress Thank you so much for your likes and support!

  32. cleopactress
    cleopactress ·

    @mirkos91 You are welcome!

  33. ensur
    ensur ·

    Very beautiful!

  34. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @ensur Thank you so much! :)

  35. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @saor Thank you so much for your kind words! :)

  36. chromagnon
    chromagnon ·

    Congrats for this beautiful portrait to POTD!!!

  37. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @chromagnon Thank you so much for your words!

  38. gojom
    gojom ·

    that is awesome!

  39. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @gojom Thank you so much! :)

  40. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @ngelkind96 Thank you so much! :)

  41. sirkevinshaw
    sirkevinshaw ·

    This is beautiful.

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