To know about me, you should know about my Grandfather, Struan Robertson. He was a photographer, and probably my biggest inspiration. While not famous, his photos were gorgeous, many of which surround our home. Only his unfortunate passing in 2010 prompted our relatives to seek out gallery places in order for him to receive his deserved fame. He gave me my first camera at 12, as his grandfather gave him, and photography has been a passion ever since. I discovered lomography through various art websites in 2009, and saw the diana f+ and fell deeply in love. She enchanted me, and after a 2 year wait I finally obtained one whilst in New York City on holiday in 2011. It's 2012 while I'm writing this, and I have also acquired the intriguing spinner 360, a welcome addition. The LC-A+ is my next stop. Will i keep going? It's safe to say i've been bitten by the lomo bug.


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