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  • Camera: Nikon F401-s Film: Lomography Redscale XR…

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    RICETTA PER UNA FOTO PERFETTA Prendi un Lomography Redscale inseriscilo in una qualsiasi macchina fotografica, nel mio caso una Nikon F401-s, sbaglia quasi sempre l'esposizione, imposta gli ISO sbagliati, e ora non resta che scattare... Aspetta con ansia lo sviluppo del laboratorio, che comunque, nella ricetta di se già perfetta ci mette un pizzico di suo, qualche graffio qua e la giusto per dare un tocco artistico alla cosa... Usa il tuo piccolo scannerino, che poverino piu' di tanto non può fare... Et voilà!!! La foto perfetta!!! Ho altri due rulli per perfezionare la ricetta, anche se tutto sommato sono soddisfatto del pessimo risultato... Ricordate, si può fare di peggio!!!

  • Camera: Minolta srt 303 Film: Agfa Vista 400…

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    E' un fritto misto, un miscuglio di idee... Il tutto riversato su un Agfa Vista 400 scaduto, che in un primo momento si trovava pronto a scattare sull' Agfa Le Box! (un usa e getta molto famosa, trovata per un euro al mercatino dell'usato)

  • Rino Gaetano_A mano a mano

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    Ma, dammi la mano e torna vicino... può nascere un fiore nel nostro giardino... che neanche l'inverno potrà mai gelare... può crescere un fiore da questo mio amore per te...

  • underexposed, expired, self-made redscale.

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    making my own redscale is great, and underexposing expired self made redscale will get you this, and the ones that follow...

  • Red, like the sun

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    Our earth with a hint of Sols light to it

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    Lubitel 2, Lomo 4.5/75, Ilford HP5, Ilfotec HC

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  • Tree portrait

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    A study in grain

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    On Sundays the Cota 1000 one of Caracas main highways, gets closed for the use of the population as a giant park and exercise yard for every kind of sport, mostly gets used by joggers, cyclists and skaters, the combination of sun and high speed makes a perfect test drive for the Belair X 6-12 with the 35mm back and the Belairgon 90mm lens, a winning combo that makes impressive sprocket pictures#caracas #venezuela #Belair #Belairgon #Belair35mmBack

  • birches hymns

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    for the story behind the pics:

  • birches hymns

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    for the story behind the pics:

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    #mountain, #Rodnei, #Romania, #clouds #hiking

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    animals you find in the mountains, at 2200 m altitude:) #cow #mountain #nature #hiking

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  • Sista

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    #ilovelomo #lomoislife #portrait #record #fairylights #chill

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    First Xpro experiment with the X-Pan.

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    More details on the Nikonos V here:

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  • My Sweet Little Bathing Beauty

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    I took two rolls of film for this scenario. One with my lomo, and apparently the batteries were dead and NOTHING came out and I will cry for a long time because of it. So painful! Can't there be a warning, hey your battery is dead, these genius photographs you are taking are not going to exist except in your head warning light??!! And one with my lovely new "Love is in the Air" edition Diana mini. Total crap roll. It happens. But I went to great lengths for this set up. I am devastated. I think this ONE picture is beautiful, though. Please say you like it and ease my pain...

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    Two-faced - that is the best description for our Photo of the Day. Two faces of one yet probably expressing something particular. It sure is interesting and captured in lovely analogue! (POTD 01.16.12)

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    finally uploaded with a better resolution

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  • La Sardina, x-pro

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    Elitechrome 100 EB cross-processed

  • Last carnival in Tabay, Mérida

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    It was an awesome trip, freedom, nature, friends. Also, my first Fuji Provia 100F X PRO :).

  • my girl

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    I borrowed my daughter's camera that she got for her birthday to take this picture. She was upset that I was using her film, but once she saw it, she was happy because she thinks it is the prettiest picture of her ever. That would be a much harder decision in my book... I have a million trillion pictures of her and which is the prettiest is anyone's guess.

  • Nadia, my class mate from my times at LCC

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    for these doubles I have decided to use my portraits archive. All of the portraits featured here were taken by me back in 2007-2011. I over layered it with planets and graphics. I really love the results!

  • My trip to Norway on my metal horse!

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    It was simply amazing! 3000km in 7 days with a great company and fantastic views!

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  • Summerlove

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  • Chile - Squares

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  • giants

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  • My teacher's Rolleiflex

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    Attempted self doubles with galaxy photos with the computer screen. Unfortunately the day time photos completely wiped out the stars. But the night shots came out quite nicely. I'll have to try this again!

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  • Reposed

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    Holga 120 N camera with Ilford Delta 3200 pushed one stop when developing. I had a Pocket Wizard on the hot shoe of the Holga control one Alien Bee B800 with a medium sized Octobox (basically one studio light). It really was a blast controlling a studio light with a Holga!

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  • London doubles

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    Saatchi&Saatchi, Portobello, Spitafields market, etc.....