Best from Smena Redscale with dodgy focus

... i will be fixing the focus before the next film goes in it!! Then i'll write a tipster for it if you want!?!?

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  1. muhamad_haiz_shamsudin
    muhamad_haiz_shamsudin ·

    DIY redscale? Then you have my vote on a tipster sir!

  2. ak74m
    ak74m ·

    I want to read your tipster about it !

  3. usha_berg
    usha_berg ·

    I am very interested in your tipster! This camera is my favorite!

  4. micky_s
    micky_s ·

    @muhamad_haiz_shamsudin @ak74m @usha_berg if you mean a tipster on DIY redscale, i already wrote that... it's here>>>…

    The next tipster will hopefully be about fixing a broken focus in a smena.

  5. muhamad_haiz_shamsudin
    muhamad_haiz_shamsudin ·

    Aaah...sadly I don't have a smena. Doubt my LC-A+ or Vilia can be modded that way. Sigh...

  6. sibu_sen
    sibu_sen ·

    Yes, please, I have had so many smenas that have broken. Hope you figure out how to do it! :)

  7. micky_s
    micky_s ·

    @sibu_sen i think i have fixed it, i just have to run a roll of film through it to find out if i have! fingers crossed!

  8. sibu_sen
    sibu_sen ·

    Great! Will be interesting to see! I wonder if the same technique will work on smena 35 too...? Anyway, good luck. :)

  9. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    lovely shot :)

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