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  1. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Dear laphotoargentique.
    I scroll through hundreds of photographs.... Sometimes there are photographs from the narrow streets of Italian cities, in which the main theme is linen that swings on ropes stretched across these streets or along bright facades. I have never seen photographs on this subject that would correctly convey the emotions that live real observations of this picture evoke. I am pleased to confess to you that for the first time I enjoy looking at your a photograph of airing clothes on a string on a city street, no matter what city and no matter in what country. Therefore, in addition to the LIKE mark, I decided to give you a compliment under this photo. Very dramatic. Very sensitively. Very nice and sunny. Very emotional. And of course very technical. Of course, this is my personal opinion and by no means an assessment. Just feelings.

  2. laphotoargentique
    laphotoargentique ·

    @awa-awa Thank you so much for sharing your feeling with me on two of my pictures it means so much to me ! I'm really glad my pictures made sense to you 🙏🏻🌷

  3. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    I'll clarify anyway... Under only two of your photos, I wrote my comments, in which I confessed my emotions to you after watching your LOMO albums (only a small part of them). These photos, of course, were not chosen by chance. I tried to write them where there is still free space!!! Therefore, I think it is important to emphasize that these comments apply to many of your photographs. Have a nice day.

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