• The Lack of Cats

    écrit par kiteflyin le2012-09-20
    The Lack of Cats

    I haven't seen a cat in almost two months!

  • What went wrong here?

    écrit par kiteflyin le2012-04-08
    What went wrong here?

    I was trying out the 10 ft. cable release I had bought a month before, but there are about six or seven photos that weren't taken despite my LC-A's shutter clicking and advancing. There are no blank spaces on the negatives.

  • A Very Good Day

    écrit par kiteflyin le2012-01-25
    A Very Good Day

    Last semester I entered some photos into a school magazine, and I learned some exciting news today.

  • My Best Shot of 2011

    écrit par kiteflyin le2012-01-05
    My Best Shot of 2011

    This past summer I took a Photo I class because I thought it would be fun. This is where my best shot comes from.

  • My Photography Origins

    écrit par kiteflyin le2011-08-26
    My Photography Origins

    I guess I've always loved photography. Didn't know there was a term for it though. I've just always snapped and went along my merry way.